Thursday, 18 October 2018

Buy a Special Gift for Your Angel-Face from Bathmat Warehouse

We all know that once the little bundles of joy arrive, their shopping doubles and sometimes triple. For the joy they bring into our lives, we get so overwhelmed and wish to buy the whole world for them. Even if that costs us a fortune! 

Not to worry, as the children’s collection won’t cost a fortune. In fact they are specially designed for a mundane use. From kid’s curtains, kid’s towels, baby bags, nappy stackers and baby cot sets, a whole section is dedicated to our special friends. They deserve all the love, softness and cuddling until they grow up to be obnoxious teenagers. 

The baby cot sets are those complete sets which will ornate your little one’s room in the cutest way that will definitely capture their attention, when they are crying their eyes out. And also give you a sense of contentment, as you will wrap it around them.

The Collection Consists of:

1. One Digitally Quilt: the quilt cover comes with a zipper and a soft microfiber filler tp wrapped around for a comfortable nap.
2.Two Long Printed Cot Bumpers: for our crawly babies to not hit their tiny heads.
3.Two Short Printed Cot Bumpers: for the sides of the cot.
4.One matching and plain fitting sheet.
5.One digitally printed and matchy cushion.

All the above come in a set and all specially designed in an allergen-free fabric of mercerised cotton. They are weaved in a 350 thread count to stay intact even after many poops and washes. To complete the set, one can buy matching nappy stacker and extra cushions. 

Here’s a good news for all the worrisome parents, that this assortment of the baby crib bedding, can be machine washed with a mild detergent and cold wash. And not sweat over their threads unravelling or color-bleeding.

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